Ever Evolving High Bar of Quality Standards

The Company-wide Quality Commitment (CQC) is our organisation’s quality philosophy that encompasses several quality, productivity, efficiency, cycle time reduction, cost reduction, motivation and teamwork.

Certified by ISO and TUV for quality, occupational health, safety and environmental management system, MetTube products are aligned with the International Standards for the Environment Management System (ISO 14001:2015) and Occupational Health & Safety Management System (ISO 45001:2018).

The CQC quality initiative has ingrained a culture to excel every day. Creating value and staying ahead of competition by stretching beyond the norms has become our organisation’s self-driven culture.

We are one of the few organisations who have implemented the lean sigma philosophy; a quality philosophy that evolves from six sigma statistical tool that reduces defects to 3.4 parts per million.

B-- Lean 6 SIGMA